17 Lincoln Square        Gettysburg, PA 17325     717.334.2367



Tuesday - Saturday 8am - 5pm

Sunday 8am - 3pm



Morning Toast: choose from a selection of our breads, hand-sliced and toasted to order. Served with a house-made honey butter.     One Slice 200      Two Slices 300

add jam/preserve 100



House Slaw  400/8 oz.

Broccoli Salad  450/8 oz.


Soups{12oz bowl}

Tomato & Smoked Mozzarella  575

Soup of the Day  575

Sandwiches & Hand-helds

Grilled Cheese  1025  made with Cotswold

Savory Handpies 450  daily feature

Ham & Brie  1000

Hot Pastrami  1025

Turkey Rachel  1025

Avocado Tartine  900

Chicken Sandwich  1025

Cubano  1025

PB&Apple  925


Deli Case Items

House-made Soups  675/pt. 2150/qt.

Artisanal Cheeses  see case for price/lb..

Dry Salami  see case for prices/lb.

Chicken Salad  1850/lb.

Quiche  600/slice


Apple Handpie  425

Chocolate Croissant  425

Raspberry Cheese Danish  425

Morning Roll  350

Almond Split  325

Pecan Sticky Bun  425

Rustic Apple 425

Seasonal Fruit Tarts  450  

Assorted Cookies  195

Apple Cake  295

Cinnamon Raisin Twists  350



Adams County Sourdough  525

Baguette  350

Cider House Rye  625

Cinnamon Raisin Brioche  725

Deli White Sourdough  525

Multigrain Sourdough  685

Golden Raisin Cherry Walnut  685

Cranberry Walnut  685

Rustic French  525

Seeded Twist  325

Semolina Sourdough  625

Focaccia  1000/lb.





For To-Go lunch orders please call in no later than 10:00 am.


For ALL pre-orders please call: 717-334-2367 We kindly ask that you place your order 72 hours in advance. Thank you! Please do NOT place orders through the website or by email, please call so we get the order.